Serving up the sights and spice of Shanghai

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Nothing beats eating a bowl of noodles in the latest linens. Nothing.

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Layers of linen, oodles of noodles.

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Oh hej Shanghai

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Linens tested in long hot Shanghai summers

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A Linen Lover's Guide to Shanghai

Pearl of the Orient, Paris of the East; Shanghai is a city of modern wonders and traditions as old as time. Smells and spices that make your mouth water, sights and sounds that make your legs wander, colours and climates that inspired two ladies to craft their own line of linens, meticulously tested by sweltering heats and ample noodle slurping. That’s us, by the way. 

What better way to celebrate the city that stole our hearts, forms the fabric of our collections and is home to one half of hej hej than by showing you around? 

Welcome to the linen lover’s guide to Shanghai. Each piece has been brought to life by the destination or dish that inspired it, so take a tour of our summer set menu then get your pìgu over here already.


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