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Nothing beats eating a bowl of noodles in the latest linens. Nothing.

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Linen for the lads

We love our men nearly as much as we love our linen and thought it was about darn time we shared the best bits of hej hej with the special blokes in our life. You know, gender equality and all that. 

Introducing, our first linen shirt for lads in a collection of lady approved hues, all with button down collar, long sleeves with easy roll-up feature for domestic chores, real shell buttons for a dash of snaz and a single pocket reserved for carrying tiny gifts. Edible or shiny, we’re not fussy. 

If you’re a fella visiting hej hej for the first time, welcome - buy a shirt. If you’re one of our female regulars, share the love and share the linen with your husband, brother, father, friend or that guy you’ve been mates with for years but had that wonderful night together but don’t want to use labels but would totally have his babies.

A Linen Lover's Guide to Shanghai

Pearl of the Orient, Paris of the East; Shanghai is a city of modern wonders and traditions as old as time. Smells and spices that make your mouth water, sights and sounds that make your legs wander, colours and climates that inspired two ladies to craft their own line of linens, meticulously tested by sweltering heats and ample noodle slurping. That’s us, by the way. 

What better way to celebrate the city that stole our hearts, forms the fabric of our collections and is home to one half of hej hej than by showing you around? 

Welcome to the linen lover’s guide to Shanghai. Each piece has been brought to life by the destination or dish that inspired it, so take a tour of our summer set menu then get your pìgu over here already.

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