Eleanor at home wearing the hej hej What Now Whatnall knit.

Fancy Seeing You Here | Eleanor

Bestselling author, photographer and mother of three, Eleanor Ozich dons her favourite hej-hej yarn and tells us tales of a simpler life.  

Eleanor with her son wearing the hej hej What Now Whatnall knit and Lindsay loves Linen pants.

You’re wearing the ‘What Now Whatnall?’, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it.

​Firstly, the soft, cornflower blue colour is stunning! I've never had so many comments on a piece of clothing before. It's also insanely cosy, and each time I wear it, I can't help but pat myself on the back for choosing something so beautiful.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who is trying to step away from stress and simplify their life?

To take a moment to remember that YOU are the only person who ultimately gets to decide how to feel, love and experience life on a daily basis. We so often allow our relationships, jobs and experiences to dictate the story we tell ourselves, and focus on the belief of being 'stressed' or 'busy'.  You do not need to live that story! because that's all it is, a story! Give yourself the gift of simplifying, and allow yourself to let go of the things that no longer bring you joy. You deserve to re-write your own beautiful story, however you please!

Eleanor sitting with her son wearing the hej hej What Now Whatnall knit.

What does an ‘Art of Simple’ wardrobe look like?

It’s very minimal, and thoughtfully curated. I enjoy plenty of colour, patterns and texture, however, before I buy anything new, I always consider whether the said particular item works with at least 3-4 other pieces in my wardrobe. I'll often wear the same, beautiful pieces on high rotation, until they're absolutely worn out. My motto would be something along the lines of 'keep it simple, keep it fun and always wear the things that make me feel freaking fantastic!’.


Who is your favourite fellow girl boss?

I love Jenna Kutcher and her podcast for all things self-love, business and how to live your best life.. Sunniva Holt (a fellow Kiwi) is also super empowering and uplifting, and I turn to her whenever I'm feeling in a bit of a funk or need a shift in perspective. 


The worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.

I'm automatically transported back to my teenage years, where I spent most nights going out to indie rock concerts. There was this lacy bustier type bra undergarment that I totally thought was OK to wear as a top. It was ghastly!

Eleanor at home wearing the hej hej What Now Whatnall knit.

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Photos by Nicole Brannen.

Get cosy and shop the hej hej What now Whatnall knit ... and if you want to be just like Eleanor try the Lindsay Loves Linen pant in Chambrey - great outfit!