Fancy Seeing You Here | Bonny

Fancy Seeing You Here | Bonny

Bonny Beattie is a lifestyle photographer and still-life/product stylist based in Wellington, New Zealand.

A woman of many talents...we have seen first hand her knack with not only a camera but also cheese...and this gal knows how to ROCK some hej hej on vacay. 

bonny wearing hej hej eat sleep repeat in ginger

Bonny Beattie photography

Bonny Beattie photography

Bonny wearing Babydoll Savage in Sky Blue

Bonny Beattie photography

hej hej on vacay

You’re wearing the Babydoll Savage Dress, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it.

I love how the icy blue linen of the Babydoll Savage gives you the appearance of holiday skin regardless of how little sun you might have actually seen! I’m short so I can wear it as a knee length dress or as an oversized top with jeans. The best! 


What is the worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.

The worst thing I’ve ever worn was also icy blue, except swap diaphanous linen babydoll for polyester skin tight flare pants from Pagani that were so indecent my mum made me a sheer wrap around skirt to wear over them. What a look.


What’s your talent you don’t get paid for?

My unpaid talent has a name and it’s called “Science with Bon”. As of right now it’s an unrealised documentary series where I ask questions about the world, big and small and then answer my own questions through a series of logical deductions that are definitely dubious but I am confident so it must be true.


You recently shot The Brim Label campaign. What’s your favourite brim this season?

My favourite brim is all of them. Emma is so talented and the world needs to know that she sews tiny strips of straw together piece by piece for the straw visors and that’s why they are so perfect and just beautiful objects to have in your life. She’s next level detail oriented. If I really have to choose a favourite it’s the black straw visor because it’s pure elegance. 


You’re a platter making extraordinaire (see evidence from AW 18 launch). What’s your go to for a platter on a picnic with #linenlovers?

My go to for a picnic platter is Whitestone Lindis Pass Brie. Unwrap it and let it come to room temperature, drizzle with honey and you have the texture of Le Snack (we all loved those) with the taste of heaven!

Check out Bonny's beautifully curated insta @bonny.beattie and website.

Bonny will be taking over the hej hej instagram this week - check out how hej hej works into her busy life and makes her a true #linenlover.

Photo credits: @bonny.beattie  & @blbeattie

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