Fancy Seeing You Here | Lucy

Fancy Seeing You Here | Lucy

This week we get deep and meaningful with Lucy Revill from The Residents. Lucy is a Wellington based blogger (as if we needed another reason to love Wellington!?!), interviewer and founder of @soapforsociety. Find out what colour makes her happy? Hint: It is our fav too.

lucy wearing her wallflower cashmere and linen now you see her pants

What’s the best damn thing about doing what you do?

Writing, writing and more writing. I’m a writer, through and through and I’ve known I was since I was about 8 and had my first book printed (I wrote a story about travelling with my dog to an Island where we meet a unicorn).

I write submissions and policy documents for my work (I studied law and was a lawyer for a while - but we didn’t work out!) and I write about life, feelings, growing-up and other people’s achievements on my blog,

Of course, thrown in there is also a healthy mix of cult beauty bits and slow style. I also love thinking deeply about how we’re going to solve problems in the economy and world order by our consumer choices: for example, I have really become interested in understanding who made my clothes, where did they come from and how I can buy less.

I think it is always important to be changing up how you look at what is presented to you in life, rather than accepting things at face value. I also love running the business side of my blog, emailing, negotiating and planning what should be up online, under my name. I think it is important as a lady to know what is happening with your creative work from a business perspective, rather than handing the reins to someone else.

I had to teach myself everything because there is no road map: it’s all rather new! That said, the power of delegation can be life changing, and I also love working with other creatives to make beautiful things happen. Is that one thing? Oops.

Lucy wears Quietly Confident Wallflower cashmere knit

You’re wearing the Quietly Confident Wall Flower Jumper in Cream and the Now You See Her Pants in Pink - don’t you just love these? Tell us why you love them.
Together this combo is the ultimate comfy Sunday look if you’re heading for brunch or a stroll about the city.

This best snuggly cashmere jumper is by far the Quietly Confident Wall Flower top in Cream. This is probably the jumper to end all jumpers. I feel like Diane Lane in ‘As Good As It Gets’, living her best life in the Hamptons. I mean, Goals?

I matched this with the Now You See Her In Pink pants. Pink is a colour which always makes me feel happy and this shade is so chic. It’s like something Lady Penelope would wear on her down day, when Parker was off duty and she dipped into Tracey Island for a cup of strong English tea. The weave is strong and sturdy, but light, and I felt like a goddess walking around in this all day on Sunday! I also love the high waist and tapered leg. So elegant!

Lucy wearing Now you See her in Pink Linen and Wallflower in Cream cashmere

The worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.
There was a period where I really embraced the surf-girl look (I even learnt to surf one summer), and went heavy on the Rusty and Rip Curl Girl. It was cool at the time but I look back now and have to wonder whether denim flares with a Dickies Hoodie was a strong move.

Lucy wearing her hej hej linen and cashmere in Wellington

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Paper Planes by MIA. It always gets me up and dancing and that first hook where the bass drops makes me wild. Otherwise, LDN by Lily Allen. I’m currently reading her book ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ and I just love her to the ends of the earth and back!


Favourite spot in Wellington, where can we find you when we are in town?
I love hanging out on Oriental Parade, just people watching. People are what inspire me the most and Wellington has so many interesting characters. 

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Lucy will be taking over the hej hej instagram on Thursday - how does hej hej hold up in a Wellington weekend? Find out! 

Photo credits: @lucyrevill