Fancy Seeing You Here | Yasmine

Fancy Seeing You Here | Yasmine

Writer, collaborator, creator of anyonegirl, Emily the human and Molly the cat. She believes clothing should tell a story, so we asked Yasmin Ganley to tell us hers.

Yasmine wearing her Quietly Confident Wallflower in Charcoal

You’re wearing the Quietly Confident Wall Flower in Charcoal, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it.

I do! I love the fit — it has the perfect neckline and it doesn't tighten at the hip, it just falls straight, which I prefer. It's super light and warm too, so is lovely to wear layered underneath jackets. The charcoal colourway is great for me because I don't wear much black.  


You say clothing should tell a story, start a conversation. What does your hej-hej yarn say to you?

It's actions speak louder than words — hej-hej is a delicious hug!

Yasmine in her home wearing her 100% Cashmere Wallflower in Charcoal

How did your ‘Borderlands’ piece on mothers and daughters make you reflect on your own mother-daughter relationships?

This beautiful piece was actually by a friend Ophelia King. She is creating a series of portraits that celebrate generations of women and their relationships. I feel that Ophelia's work is really important, and the conversations she is encouraging with this series are very much needed. Some of the ideas explored are definitely ones I am experiencing and discovering myself through becoming a mother. I am growing and learning so much at this time of my life. Susan Jacob's accompanying words say it all: "The need to both fiercely nurture them and support their choices, while finding my own identity is a delicate and often ambivalent path."

Yasmine at home with her daughter wearing the Quietly Confident Wallflower in Charcoal

Who is your favourite fellow girl boss?

Oooo, tough one. Can't do favourites here. I admire the work that Deborah Smith is doing with Cloud Workshops. And Renee & Damaris from Coco's Cantina do some epic community initiatives.


What would be the name of your biography and how would it begin?

Ha! Um... it would be called 'Learning how to follow Instinct' and it would begin in a dance class.


The worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.

Oh gosh, that's a funny one for me because I have been in some terrible costumes throughout my dancing career - do they count!? Like a hen costume, for example, that was pretty soul destroying. But on the streets, maybe a glittery boob-tube in the '90s? But honestly, no regrets! We went to lots of raves in high school and we loved dressing up: bindis, platforms, boob-tubes, Love bags. So much fun.

The Quietly Confident Wallflower in Charcoal

Its been such a pleasure getting to know Yasmine, a clever, intelligent mother and business wo-man! Be inspired by anyonegirl - we certainly are!

Thanks Yasmine xx


Photos by Nicole Brannen.