Humans in hej hej - Amy Neave

Humans in hej hej - Amy Neave


humans in hej hej - amy neave

We chat with kiwi artist, producer and all-around creative genius, Amy Neave. Currently based in Sydney we snapped Amy while she was visiting her family in Auckland.  

humans in hej hej - amy neave

Three words to describe yourself?

My sister says I’m genuine, loyal and passionate, warm, able and creative. That’s more words than you wanted.  I’m going with happy, creative and free.

You are currently living in Sydney and working in a studio over there - tell us more…

Yes, I’m a New Zealander and I moved to Sydney at the start of  2021. As part of a community’ initiative I was lucky enough to be one of four artists given a studio space in a heritage listed building called Avery Terrace in The Rocks. We have been creating artwork in the space for the last six months. Over this time I have been exploring soft and hard sculpture all derivative of the female form but represented as landscapes. It’s mostly the idea that women are giants.  

We noticed you love studying the human body… what is your favourite body part and why?

I don’t know about a favourite body part but I do associate nudity with confidence and possibly even defyance as a woman. We’re told to cover up so much or dress a certain way or behave like a lady etc. But there’s so much power and glory in the female body.  I feel that strength when I represent it in art. It’s like standing with my chin up.

humans in hej hej - amy neave

A favoured pick-me-up ritual?
Drawing. Always drawing. 

Your most treasured belonging?
I’m very sentimental so there are a few….there’s a set of Tintin books, my nan’s wedding ring, a charm bracelet from my other nanna, my dog’s collar and ashes. And, for less sentimental reasons, I treasure my first edition copy of Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie. 

humans in hej hej - amy neave

You have a new show launching in a week, what can we expect from you? 

Yes, I have an upcoming exhibition from the 19 - 22 May. Opening night is the 19th from 6pm. If you’re in Sydney, come along! There will be some velvet, a large metallic boob, some mini sculptures….all the good stuff.



Make sure you follow Amy for colourful and creative instagram. Thank you for being part of our hej hej community - good luck with the upcoming show!

Show info : 19 - 22 MAY 2022, 47 GEORGE STREET, THE ROCKS. Opening night 19.5 from 6pm.


Amy is wearing Mellow Puff Knit in Sweet Pea, Square Peg in Cobalt & Pin Dropper Skirt in Jade, Chin Up Dress in Jade.