Humans in hej hej - Anahita from Naatyu

Humans in hej hej - Anahita from Naatyu

Humans in hej hej - Anahita from Naatyu


This week we introduce you to Anahita a multitalented creative living in Auckland. Photographer, turned candle maker, she and her partner Nathan started Naaytu a homewares brand with big plans.

We had the pleasure of getting to know Anahita while working on an exciting hej hej x Naaytu collaboration launching 15 June. Stay tuned, we think this limited edition will sell out quickly. 


Tell us about Naaytu Candles, why you created this bizzo.

This one isn't the most interesting answer hehe, but I'm a photographer and in lockdown I felt my creativity slowly dwindling. So I said to Nathan, we should buy a few moulds and make candles and it all just went from there. What started as a covid craft, quickly turned into me being able to photograph and explore our creative vision in a way that inspired us. We've also always been homebodies, just two people who love art design and dressing up our home to inspire us. So Naaytu just sort of organically grew from there. A little personal project turned business to bring colour into homes and showcase all the handmade wares out there


What’s the best damn thing about doing what you do?

Being self-employed and being creative EVERYDAY! I love being able to set up my own routine, some days I'm in my pjs pouring candles at 10am, other days I'm up at 6am to chase the best light for our photos! I just LOVE being able to be inspired every single day in what I do, whether it's rummaging old coffee table books, thinking up a new candle shape, or working on exciting collaborations with brands I love (like hej hej) and being part of a community of incredible artists & makers.


You’re wearing the Heart Sleeves Knit in Marshmallow, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it. 

Oh my gosh, what's not to love? It's cosy, it's pink and it's the snuggliest wool you could ever chance on...literally like cuddling a kitten ALL THE TIME!
The worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.
Ahhh where to even start hahaha! Probably fake (and I say fake because I genuinely have 20/20 eyesight haha) thick-rimmed black glasses during my indie-girl-who-works-at-a-cafe-in-New York-and-spends-all-her-time-in-an-independent-bookshop phase.

Who is your favourite fellow girl boss?
Well of course, Alice from hej hej! She's an amazingly kind business woman who shares all her secrets wholeheartedly! Evie Kemp for her love of colour and just being a master of SO many different creative fields. And Helene Robelo who is my ultimate female superhero, she's curated the most incredible art & design store full of amazing independent and emerging creators work - my goal is to be half as cool as her (and have as good of a wardrobe while doing it hehe!)


Thank you to Anahita for being part of our hej hej community - we love getting to know humans that love colour as much as we do. Check our Naaytu online and follow their Instagram for interior inspo. 


Our collab with Naaytu will be available online and in-store from 15 June.

Photos by Vivienne Jung