Humans in hej hej - Cathy Fan

Humans in hej hej - Cathy Fan

Humans in hej hej : Cath @ Fankery


This week we’ve been talking flavours and fashion with Cathy at our Grey Lynn Pop Up Shop. Cathy is the founder of Fankery, an Asian-fusion bakery famous for making mochi-filled basque cheesecakes, brownies and cookies. Yum. We get hungry just thinking about it…


Introduce yourself in one sentence:
Hej! I’m Cathy, an electrical engineer, and the founder of Fankery, an Asian-fusion bakery! 


Tell us about Fankery and the inspiration behind your amazing & delish creations.

Fankery has been a rollercoaster of a journey for me, one that began unexpectedly during the challenging lockdown in Auckland towards the end of 2021. I was struggling with some health issues at the time, which caused me to gain 15 kgs in just one month. As someone who had been a competitive bikini bodybuilder and followed a strict diet plan for nearly two years, this sudden weight gain took a toll on my mental health. All I wanted was to be creative with food and indulge in the treats I had been craving for so long.


That's how it all started - I began experimenting with mochi-filled cookies, then moved on to brownies and finally, the mochi-filled burnt basque cheesecakes that have become a staple of Fankery. I never expected it to become a business, but the positive feedback and support from our fans motivated me to take it to the next level.


I believe that Fankery truly represents the unique combination of my upbringing and diverse cultural influences from the countries I have lived in. My childhood memories of growing up in Shanghai, coupled with my upbringing in New Zealand and schooling in Canada, have provided me with a plethora of inspiration to create innovative Asian-fusion flavor combinations and products that are nothing like anything you’ve experienced before. Fankery is a personal journey that enables me to express my creativity and passion for food, sharing it with others who appreciate the value of a multi cultural experience.


Humans in hej hej : Cath @ Fankery


Who taught you how to bake?

I am self-taught! I think of baking like a science experiment. Understanding how each ingredient contributes and the chemistry they have with other ingredients makes the baking process very fun and like a sort of mini challenge, trying to prove your hypothesis each time!

Humans in hej hej : Cath @ Fankery

What’s your go-to crowd-pleaser dish for winter? With a drink to match, of course. 

I love Malaysian Laksa for its flavourfulness and drinking the broth especially during winter just makes it THAT much better. Hmmm I usually don’t drink anything while eating because it makes me get indigestion (hahaha), but if I really have to match, just some light tea to soothe the strong flavours of the laksa. 


Give us a weird but surprisingly good flavour combination…

People have been telling me to create a savoury flavoured cheesecake which is WEIRD but sometimes, it is a vibe for salty sweet ya know?? I’m sure you’ve seen dipping fries in maccas soft serves so maybe a potato chip flavour? Hahaha we’ll see ;)

You’re wearing The Proud as Punch Dress, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it. 

The FIT omg, senches in all the right places and the material is just so comfy!!! I’ve never seen a dress in this style before and wearing it truly makes me feel super proud of the woman I am :)

Humans in hej hej : Cath @ Fankery


Come visit us this weekend at our Auckland Pop Up - Cathy will be there with all her treats on Saturdays! 

568 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn

Open: Thurs / Fri / Sat

10am - 4pm

11-20 May, 2023

Otherwise you can follow Fankery here and see if Cathy is at a market near you!

Instagram: @fankery_