Humans in hej hej - Janaye Henry

Humans in hej hej - Janaye Henry

humans in hej hej - janaye henry


This week we've been talking comedy and fashion faux pas with Janaye, comedian, creative and host of The Spinoff series, 2 Cents 2 Much.

Full Name:

Janaye Alexandra Henry but Alexandra is my middle name so a rare one to hear out loud.

Introduce yourself in one sentence:

Kia ora I’m Janaye, a sometimes comedian, an always friend and a full-time creative freelancer (so chic). 

Tell us about your new series 2 Cents 2 Much that’s launching this month through Spinoff:

2 Cents 2 Much is honestly the project of my dreams. Each ep is about a different kaupapa like te reo Māori revitalisation, and museums, and I just get to add my 2 cents to the conversation. The creatives on the project slee slaw slaaaayed and I’m just so stoked with the dreamy lil show we created with the support of NZ On Air. Episodes will be launching weekly on The Spinoff from Tuesday 20th June so keep your eyes peeled! 


Episode 1


humans in hej hej - janaye henry

You also performed at the Comedy Fest this May, tell us more about Crush Season and the best flirty line you’ve heard: 

Crush Season was meant to be a shout-out to every crush I’d ever had but there were simply too many so it became a highlight (and occasionally lowlight) reel. I refuse to cringe at my past selves because I think we all need a lil more whimsy and nostalgia in our lives and I think it’s so BORING to cringe.

Best flirty line I’ve ever heard? 

Honestly unsure but I like clear communication so telling me you find me visually and personally appealing and want to go out with me is like hot towards me.

Your worst fashion faux pas? 

Ooooooo a NYAN cat t-shirt (do you remember) and striped yellow and red leggings to represent my Hogwarts house. Obviously heinous but in a way a lot of my friends were jealous of my cool fit so I think very of an era.

You’re wearing the Waves Dress, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it: 

I do j’adoreeeee the Waves Dress, anything with layering potential I love! I’ve styled it in a way that I look like the librarian of your dreams but you could definitely make it more like rich on a cruise vibes. The deep pockets, the linen so easy so breezy. Also obsessed with a dress that will see me through all seasons!

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