Humans in hej hej - Kate Mitchell

Humans in hej hej - Kate Mitchell

humans in hej hej - kate mitchell


Introducing Kate Mitchell - fellow colour lover and glass artist. We had a chat to Kate about her journey into glass blowing, her most treasured belonging and favourite colour (blue)

 humans in hej hej - kate mitchell


Three words to describe yourself?

Tenacious, Curious and Organised


Tell us how you got into glass blowing and what you are most influenced by. 

While studying fine arts at university, I became interested in glass as a medium and reached out to an Auckland based glass studio to learn more about the process of glass blowing. After falling in love with the process, I was lucky enough to start working as an apprentice for Luke Jacomb. 

I am most influenced by colours and forms that I come across in everyday life. I often draw inspiration for my colour palettes from fashion and textiles.


humans in hej hej - kate mitchell


We noticed you love colour just as much as we do! What is your favourite colour/s to work with?

I love bright and bold colours! But my favourite colour at the moment is cobalt blue. While most of my works have a multicoloured colour palette, blue is the best colour to use for blown work. All glass colours have different melting temperatures and blue glass is much softer and more malleable to work with.


Your favourite season and go-to outfit for that season.

As much as I love the sunshine, winter is my favourite season. I love the cosy rituals that come with the colder seasons and the winter getaways. It is also the best time to blow glass! My go-to outfit for a winter’s day would be Jeans, boots and an oversized brightly coloured knit.

humans in hej hej - kate mitchell

A favoured pick-me-up ritual? 

Exploring the markets and junkyards with my boyfriend is my favourite pick me up ritual. Together we thrive on the excitement of finding treasures and unusual items.

Your most treasured belonging? 

My most treasured item is the delicate gold shell necklace that my mum gave me. I never take it off! 

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Photo Credit: Steven Acres