Humans in hej hej - Sarah Lindsay

Humans in hej hej - Sarah Lindsay

 humans in hej hej Sarah Lindsay SALA

 This week we talked to Sarah Lindsay, founder of SALA, about her style icon,

favoured pick-me-up ritual and, of course, her go-to linen outfit to beat the heat.


humans in hej hej Sarah Lindsay SALA


Three words to describe yourself? 

Curious, creative and playful

The one person you would have dinner with (dead or alive)?  

Hilma af Klimt. The Swedish artist and mystic hilma af Klimt, who lived relatively unknown in her lifetime, is now considered one of the worlds first and most celebrated abstract artists. I think the fact that she lived a lifetime with the ability to create, without preying eyes would have given her the freedom to express honesty and intimacy which is robbed from you when you begin to open your creativity to the critique of strangers. 

Apart from being the most amazing artist, she participated in seances, women-led spiritual forest circle formations and rituals. I have a huge amount of gratitude to the women who have come before me, who worked quietly in the shadows of society to give spirituality, feminine intuitive power and magic a place in mainstream modern society.

Do you have a style icon and why? 

Anaïs nin, the erotic poetess who is almost always photographed in dark shades. I love the way her clothing mirrors her words. Life imitates art. Henry at June was one of the first ‘mature’ reads, when I was 15 and it has always stayed with me.

Humans in hej hej Sarah Lindsay from SALA 

What is your go-to linen outfit to beat the heat this summer? 

Actually, my Silver Lining Dress. I love the grilled neckline. Playfully gothic in a floaty, linen form.

A favoured pick-me-up ritual? 

Ceremonial cacao every morning. Regardless of the previous day, it’s the opportunity to start afresh.

The cacao I drink is by seleno, which is female and indigenously owned. They contribute to the sustainable ecosystem of Mexican cacao farming and are passionate about educating those who participate in cacao ceremony, to the historical and cultural potency of plant medicine. 

Every morning the ritual of carving the cacao, warming the plant milk to 170 degrees (any hotter and you can burn and kill the nutritious power of the plant, any cooler and the cacao will not melt), whisking and drinking. Every part of the chain is infused with intention. For me it’s magic. The cup I felt called to use is a handmade pottery piece gifted by my sister in law. It has a beautiful female engraving in shell. For me this is the cup I drink cacao in. It’s apart of the ceremony. 

Humans in hej hej Sarah Lindsay SALA

Your most treasured belonging? 

I have two, relatively new ones, but both equally special. A Māori star map of the moment baby entered this world, earth side painted by Nikau Hindin. The second is a painting by Grace Bader, a gift for baby O on her birth. I would save both from a fire.

humans in hej hej Sarah Lindsay SALA

Sarah wears the Silver Linings Dress in Indigo


Find out more Sarah and SALA on their instagram. Thank you for joining our hej hej community and so happy you are enjoying your linen dress this summer!

Photo Credit: Anna Birchall