Oh Hej Sister | Jordan + Anouk

Oh Hej Sister | Jordan + Anouk

The adventures of the inseparable blonde and brunette. 

Not only have these sweet sisters created some of our favourite sweet treats but The Caker has been a source of inspiration to hej hej.


Jordan, you’re wearing the The Good Day Barclay in Hot Pink, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it.

I love the feel of this top - the silk cashmere fabric is luxuriously soft and I also adore the colour. I don’t often wear bright colours, but I made an exception for this piece, and I think it complements my dark hair!

Anouk, you’re wearing the Might be Bias, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it.

I love the unique emerald green colour of this dress - it’s not a colour I have in my wardrobe at all! And it fits me perfectly - I love the flattering tie at the waist and the length of it too.











What would the title of your debut sisterhood album be?

Jordan: The adventures of the inseparable blonde and brunette  

Anouk: White Witch Black Witch

What is the weirdest thing you two have in common?

Anouk: We always miss out words or call things by completely the wrong name when we are tired or stressed, but we always know what the other is talking about.

Jordan: It’s not that weird, but we both have a deep phobia of being cold.








Who steals whose linens?

Jordan: We steal/borrow things an equal amount from each other I’d say!

Anouk: I would be more nervous borrowing her stuff than lending mine.


The worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.

Jordan: For some reason my brain can’t move past those knee high rainbow socks we used to wear in intermediate school - the worst.

Anouk: Fingerless gloves.

What bonds you?

Jordan: We find the same things funny, and like to talk in different accents together. It’s probably super annoying for people around us, but it makes us laugh.

Anouk: Never not agreeing that the best thing in each of our lives is each other.

Jordan can you please give a 1-2 line intro of Anouk

Anouk is the most intelligent, head-strong and practical person I know. She thinks about things a lot which mostly results in her doing everything perfectly. She’s the fixer of all things. She’s kind, generous and when she’s not in the room, it truly feels like there’s something missing.








Anouk can you please give a 1-2 line into of Jordan?

Jordan is an enigma, she is quite impulsive, very funny (to me at least), she has a magic touch on anything aesthetic from clothes to cakes to make up, she is much adored, deservedly, and I love her more than life.

Thanks for joining our hej hej sisterhood ladies xx
All photos taken by the incredible Cindy Leong.
Cakes by Jordan + Anouk at The Caker.