Oh Hej Sister | Sophie + Mimi

Oh Hej Sister | Sophie + Mimi

Sisters who cook together, stay together. Fact. 

This pair live and breath food and family. Boss ladies that have created amazing brands and amazing food! We love their energy and drive but most importantly their sisterly bond. Read more about Sophie and Mimi.

Sophie You’re wearing the Babydoll Savage in Peach, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it.

It's fab! I love the length and how the sleeves are slightly flared - it's a great pattern. I've had LOADS of compliments on the colour too - it makes me want to wear more peach. 

Mimi You’re wearing the Ruffle her Feathers, don’t you just love it? Tell us why you love it. 

I like classic shapes & colours so for me this is the perfect dress!  Can't go wrong with a navy linen dress. TRES CHIC. 

What is the weirdest thing you have in common with Sophie?

Mimi: My husband said it's weird that we are both willing to cook for hours on end to cook a meal that everyone eats in half an hour... however he said he is not complaining! 

What’s your talent you don’t get paid for Sophie?

Cooking and eating. Although, technically I do get paid for it sometimes - jackpot!

The worst thing you’ve ever worn? And don’t even try to justify it.

Sophie: I'm not sure why I was allowed to leave the house in a boob tube, they did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe you can think of something worse Mimi?

Mimi: Pedal Pushers & sleeveless turtle necks.  They were ALL THE RAGE when I was 16! Neither of them did me any favours. 


Who steals whose linens?

Sophie: Definitely me stealing Mimi's! We have an excellent collection from Marle, Wixxi and Hej Hej to work with.

Mimi: Sophie steals almost my everything! We both LOVE a linen frock so we're pretty excited to have some new hej hej additions to 'our' collection! 


Sophie, can you please give a 1-2 line intro of Mimi?

Mimi is a super creative, mega hard working, extremely capable and competent softie. She sees things in a really unique way and is admirably aware of her strengths (which she plays to) and also her weaknesses (which she avoids or delegates with grace!). She is just the right combination of huge hearted and kind, but also practical and productive. She's the best.


Mimi, can you please give a 1-2 line intro of Sophie?

Sophie is the brains in this sisterly duo.  She's also very funny, a LOT of fun & extremely generous to everyone she loves... including her 100+ friends. She's practically perfect & it's our family joke that she's the favourite! Sophie's curiosity and appetite for deep understanding means that she always knows the right thing to say and is able to eloquently articulate her thoughts on all manners, at all times.  Above all she loves with all her heart and will always be ready to eat & cook delicious food with me whenever I need her & that's what bonds us more than everything! She's my absolute favourite. 


Thanks for joining our hej hej sisterhood ladies xx

Sophie is the co-creator of @deliciousbusinessnz A hospitality consultancy made up of industry specialists.

Mimi is creative leader & CEO of @burgerburgernz and dedicated mum of 2! (almost 2, one on the way!)

Photos by Cindy Leong
Sophie wears Babydoll Savage in Peach
Mimi wears Ruffle Her Feathers in Indigo