Oodles of Noodles | Stacey Wei: Part 2

Oodles of Noodles | Stacey Wei: Part 2

Oodles of Noodles | Stacey Wei: Part 2
Our fellow noodle enthusiast and the talented illustrator behind our latest print, Stacey Wei, has put together a list of her top five places to eat in Shanghai. You're welcome.

1. Xiao Bai Hua Jiujia(小白桦酒家)
Stacey says, "Great Shanghainese spot - a must for when visitors are in town".
No 3, Lane 297, Wanping Road, near Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai, China 
中国上海, 宛平路297弄3号, 近肇嘉浜路

小白桦酒家 小白桦酒家

2. Tang Yun Qin Feng(唐韵秦风)
Stacey says, "The best Xian noodles and dishes I have found in town - the yóu pō miàn (油泼面) (means literally oil-splashed noodles) is killer".
No. 231, Rushan Road, near Fushan Road
9乳山路231号, 近福山路

3. Liu Dao Men (六道门)
Stacey says, "A great Chongqing noodles spot - ask the owner to play the steel drums". 
No. 419 Xinhua Road, near Dingxi Road
新华路419号, 近定西路

📸: SmartShanghai 

4. Lost Heaven (花马天堂云南餐厅)
Stacey says, "A great choice for solid Yunnan food and nice after dinner stroll on the Bund".
No 1, 17 Yan'An East Road, near Sichuan South Road, Shanghai, China 
中国上海, 延安东路17号甲, 近四川南路 

5. Yunhe Noodles (雲和面馆)
Stacey says, "Last but not least, a classic for classic Shanghainese noodles".
No. 1603 Huashan Road
📸: @bettyshanghai
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