Hej World | Darmstadt with Mara Sommer

Mara Sommer shoots our #hejworld collection in Darmstadt, Germany a place close to her heart... she gives us her top 5 tips for her home town 
Full Name:  Mara Sommer
Age: 38
Profession: Photographer
Favourite piece from Hej World: 
The Zeppelin in Marshmallow - Its so incredible cosy! 
Top 5 tips for a trip to Darmstadt, Germany: 
1) Artist colony Mathildenhöhe was founded by Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig who invited artist in 1899 to design a new living and working world. Its focus was the Studio House which is now the Museum. The Exhibition Hall and the Wedding Tower was build 1908. And due to family relations between Darmstadt and the Roman’s the Russian chapel was built in 1899. 
I love the art deco style houses, exhibition hall and wedding tower and in the middle of it, the Russian Chapel. There is a plane tree grove where people play Boule on summer evenings.
2) Castle Frankenstein - this is apparently the castle where the inspiration for the Frankenstein story came from. The Brothers Grimm heard from a alchemist who lived in the castle in the 17th century. He was experimenting with dead bodies. One of the Grimm Brothers  sent this story to Mary Shelley to get it translated. It is assumed that this doctor was the inspiration for the story of the monster Frankenstein. 
Next to the castle is a restaurant, serving traditional german food. The views form the restaurant and castle are breathtaking.
3) Centralstation was a former power plant and it now an event center in the middle of Darmstadt. The location is nice and it hosts good concerts and other events. 
4) Zur Goldene Krone (To the Golden Crown) - is a cult bar / disco which has not changed since its opened in 1975. 
5) Woog - is a nature bath in the middle of Darmstadt.  Opposite the bath and on the other side of the lake is the cafe/ restaurant/ bar called “WOOG”.IT has great food and drinks and on the balcony you pretty much sit above the water with vies to the lake.





 Photographer, Art Direction & Styling -  Mara Sommer
Model - Martina Wirth @ Amaze Models