Two gals eating noodles


We’re a couple of gals that believe fashion should be fun, not intimidating, pretentious or have a negative impact on the world. Which is why we created hej hej; a collection of distinctive, colourful designs that are easy-to-wear, made from premium fabrics that don’t cost the world.

After a few sticky days in Asia, we discovered linen was the best way to beat the heat, along with yogic breathing techniques and attaching a fan to your smartphone. We couldn’t find 100% linen that fit our style or budget, so we started making our own. Now we’ve expanded our collection of quality to include cashmere and silk. You’re welcome.

Though one gal is based in Shanghai and the other in Auckland, our love of linen and noodles keep our bond strong. Through hej hej we get to share this passion with you. Not the noodles.
We don’t share the noodles.

Nor do we know any yogic breathing techniques.