Garment Care Guide


It’s all easy-breezy until someone ignores the care instructions. Linen is a luxury fabric and should be treated as such.

It likes a cold hand wash but can also be dry cleaned. Dry by lying it flat in the shade.

If you’re not into wrinkles, use a warm iron. Whatever you do, do not bleach, soak, rub or tumble dry.

Any questions, ask your mum. Or dad. It’s 2020 after all.



Take care of your cashmere and she’ll take care of you.

Cashmere falls into the ominous hand wash only category. We recommend a cold hand wash with a mild wool wash detergent, but it can also be dry cleaned. Dry by lying flat in the shade and don’t twisting, wring or bleach.

Those pesky moths love cashmere, particularly any with moisture in the fibres, so to store it safely, make sure it is totally dry. Then fold up in your hej hej linen garment bag for safe keeping. If you don’t want to hang mothballs in your wardrobe a natural alternative is hanging rosemary.

All cashmere, no matter how good the quality, is prone to pilling. The pilling is a natural characteristic of the long fibres and can be easily removed by hand or using a cashmere comb, electric depiller or a sweater stone. Avoid depilling precious cashmere pieces too often as this may result in holes.