Hej World

We’re not sure if you noticed but hej hej has been getting around. Linen lovers have been making themselves known across the globe, resulting in warm fuzzies and the inception of our Hej World collection.

It’s a wild world out there filled with bump ins, hidden gems and wrong turns that end up being oh so right. You wouldn’t want to get caught short in, well, shorts. From skirts that never sleep to slacks that scrub up or down, ‘Hej Hej Was Here’ will spark a little wanderlust in even the most hardened of home bods. 
Melbourne to Copenhagen, day to night, cafe to club or market to mountain, this is a wardrobe designed to work no matter the climate, dress code or spontaneous excursion. And by mountain we mean steepish hill with a snap-worthy view at the top. 

Photographer - Mara Sommer

Model - Sophia @ 62 Management

Styling -  Julia Thompson

Hair & Makeup - Sophy Phillips