Ode to Linen

The ladies of hej hej have a confession
It’s about time we shared our little obsession.
The love we have for our creative muse
A healthy addiction to the fabric we use.

The cloth that binds us and without being rude
A fibre that without, we’d probably go nude.
Effortless luxury and eternally cool;
To keep it to ourselves would be utterly cruel.

So, with each season we cut, colour and craft,
She succumbs to each style without a fuss.
While bringing her own unique flair to the table;
Ruffles, pleats and puff details all playful.

A social chameleon that’s born to stand out,
At the office, beach, bar or just out and about
Each piece a crowd pleaser - a compliment catcher,
Even your frenemy Stacey would snatch ‘er.

And there’s no such thing as too much linen,
A fabric that you can practically live in.
From head to toe, hat to slacks,
Layer upon layer, racks on racks. 

So to express our love we’re dedicating the season,
To all the not-so-secret reasons
Why linen is quite frankly the love of our lives,
Husbands and blood relatives, don’t look so surprised. 

Where would we be without our linen,
There wouldn’t be hej-hej, that’s just a given. 
So without further ado, let us introduce
Our autumn collection - now go get all spruced.  

hej hej - Ode to Linen
hej hej - Ode to Linen
hej hej - Ode to Linen
hej hej - Ode to Linen
hej hej - Ode to Linen