Coat Check in Moss
Coat Check in Moss
Coat Check in Moss
Coat Check in Moss
Coat Check in Moss
Coat Check in Moss

Coat Check in Moss

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This isn’t just any old jacket. First off, it’s a new jacket. Second off, it’s a second chance. Moss green on one side and marshmallow pink on the next, you can now bamboozle stubborn bouncers, rude bar staff and people you just met but are now trying to avoid for reasons including but not limited to unwanted sexual advances, embarrassing encounters or that annoying girl from the last party. Yeah, that girl.


- Quilted linen - come again!

- Fully reversible, as per above

- Cuffable long sleeve. Just made up a new word.

- One oversized fit for all, perfect for layering.

- Shell button for a little bit of beach

- Swing shape

- Pocket on outside (and sometimes maybe on the inside)

Seen here with

Earrings: Company Of Strangers


This is a one-size fits all style. It has been designed to be oversized and worn layered. It has a drop shoulder and is fully revisable

Sophia is 5’9" (or 180cm if you’re that way inclined).


100% linen on the outside and 100% polyester quilting on the inside

Take care now

Take care with your Coat Check. She prefers to be dry cleaned only.